Eyebrows £3.50
Top Lip £2.00
Chin £3.00
Neck £4.00
Sides £4.00
Forehead £2.00
Full Face £12.00
Full Face & Neck £15.00

Waxing Treatments

Full Legs £13.50
1/2 Legs £9.00
Forearms £6.50
Armpits £6.00
Full Back £10.00
Full Stomach £10.00
Full Face £12.00
Full Face/Neck £15.00
Eye Brows £5.00
Chin £4.00
Neck £5.00
Full Body £55.00



The only permanent method of hair removal!
Superfluous hair, although quite natural, is a problem for many women, and its removal is the most commonly used beauty service today. Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal, and it involves the insertion of a fine needle into the hair follicle to the hair root. A mild current is then passed down the needle to the tip to cauterise the hair root, enabling the hair to be withdrawn. This is only taken a few seconds.

+ Up to 5 mins. £7.50
+ Up to 10 mins. £9.50
+ Up to 15 mins. £12.50
+ Up to 20 mins. £15.00
+ Up to 30 mins. £19.50
+ Up to 45 mins. £25.50
+ Up to 60 mins. £35.50


Full Set Extensions £25.00
Rebalance 2-3 Wks £18.00
Nail Repair £5.00
Single Extensions £6.00
Removal & Manicure £15.00

Hands Shellac £25.00
Shellac with Manicure £35.00
Shellac with Deluxe £40.00
Shellac Feet £30.00
Shellac with Pedicure £40.00
Shellac with Spa £45.00

Facials (Dermatologica)

Your experience with us is completely flexible. With a special dermatologica skin care range, simply choose the amount of time you’d like to spend with us, and your therapist will suggest a range of treatments and touch therapies customised to your treatment may include a combination of the following:

+ Deep Cleansing
+ Exfoliation
+ Galvanic / High Frequency Treatment
+ Treatment Masque
+ Face Mappings
+ Extractions
+ Touch Therapies

Express Facial £20.00
Classic Facial £30.00
Multivation Power Treatments £45.00
Acne Prone & Problem Skin £45.00
Revitalising Eye Treatment £25.00

Luxury Body Massage

Full Body Massage £30.00
Luxury Back & Scalp £20.00
Body Smoothie £30.00
(All Invigerating)

Permanent Hair Removal

IPL is a safe and fast hair removal system. The great advantage of the IPL treatment is that rather than dealing with just one hair follicle at a time, an area of up to 6cm can be treated. A consultation is required prior to first treatment which is only £27 and includes a patch test. The cost is redeemable against first treatment.

+ Face £100.00
+ Lip & Chin £50.00
+ Jaw Line & Cheeks £65.00
+ Back £148.50
+ Chest £148.50
+ Bikini £50.00
+ Forearms £99.00
+ Full Arms £50.00
+ Under Arms £50.00
+ 1/2 Legs Lower £148.50
+ 3/4 Legs £225.00
+ Full Legs £250.00

Special Occasions

Make up £40.00
Hair Style – From £20.00
Mehandi – From £5.00

Hair Dressing

Wash, Cut & Blow Dry – From £20.00
Re-Style cut & Blow Dry – From £30.00
Straight Cut £6.00
Blow dry or Straighten – From £10.00
Glamour Blow dry / GHD Curls £15.00
Permanent Wave – by quotation

Hair Straightening – by quotation
Hair Extension – by quotation
Root Perm £22.00
Root Tint £22.00
High Lights & Low Light – From £40.00

Semi Permanent Colouring – From £25.00
Specific Hair Care Treatments – From £15.00

Hair Style – by quotation

A Skin test is required for all chemical treatments.
This will be undertaken 48 hours prior to the treatment.
This rules out and form of allergic reaction.


Bridal Mehandi £80.00

Our Mehandi is a word of wonder. The quality of Modern and classic Patterns, with a deep colour are exclusively designed for every bride. Both sides on the hands and feet.

Customized Gift Certificate and Corporate Packages Whatever the occasion, the ideal gift is just a phone call away. Call us with your credit card and we’ll send a phone personalized gift certificate in a special gift box.

Party Makeup & Bridal Services in Salon

English Wedding £150.00
(Make up & Hair)

Asian Bridal Make Up £350.00
(Hair, Chunni Setting, Jewellery Setting)

Bridal Package £400.00
(Bridal makeup & hair, legs and arms waxing, nail extensions, mini facial, pedicure)

Luxury Bridal Package £450.00
(Bridal Makeup, Hair Style, Full Body Wax, Nail extensions, Full facial, Full body polish)

Eye Treatment

Eye Brow £5.50
Eye Lash Tint £6.50
Eye Brow & Lash Tint £10.00
Eye Lash Extension, Individual Full Set £15.00
Hollywood Eye Lash £45.00

48 Hour Patch required for training & eyelash extensions.

Detox Foot Spa

Detoxlication is the natural body process of eliminating unwanted towns, but in the stressful and hectic lifestyles we lead today our bodies need help, a simple relaxing and rejuvenating dr-d-toc cleanse restores your vitality and can rebalance your body’s physical and mental energy levels leaving you feeling refreshed and of life.

Detox Foot Spa £20.00

6 Sessions £100.00
(Recommended! Prepaid)


Complimentary Facial Analysis
Wrinkle Releasing Injections (Botox etc)
Dermal Filters
Skin Rejuvenation – Price on Request

Hand & Feet Treatments

Creative Spa Manicure £12.00
Creative Spa Pedicure £25.00
French Manicure £15.00
File & Repaint £5.00
Paraffin Wax £5.00

Body Treatments (Crystal Clear)

Total Body Experience £45.00
(60 Minutes)

Course of ten £360.00
(60 Minutes)

Total Hand & Feet Treatment £35.00
(30 Minutes)

Backshine Treatment £35.00
(30 Minutes)

Facials (Crystal Clear)

The Starter £25.00
(30 Minutes)

Pro active Acne Treatments £25.00
(45 Minutes)

Wide Eyes £23.50
(10 Minutes)

The Luxury Booster £45.00
(60 Minutes)